Position: Business Operations Specialist

Job Location: San Jose, CA

Rate of Pay: $102,253 per year

Job Duties:

1.      Evaluate, improve and maintain company's operations process.

2.      Assess existing process, system and licenses.

3.      Identify opportunity for improvement and devise efficency or cost effective alternatives.

4.      Analyze the company's workflow and improve productivity.

5.      Conduct internal audit including clients and vendor processes.

6.      Evaluate financial procedures and systems, identify any financial risks in the workflow.

7.      Develop, maintain and implement business continuity strategies and solutions, including documentation and risk assessment.

Requirements: Master's degree in BA, Management, of Finance. 2 years of work experience in proffered or related position. Must be proficient with common office software systems such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word. Must possess knowledger of business systems and workflow processes. Must possess knowledge of date analysis and presentation tool such as Python or SQL.

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