We convert paper documents into dimensionally accurate AutoCAD files. Scanned drawings, blueprints and pdf files are manually traced by trained autocad drafters. Before delivering to our client, the files will be double checked for accuracy and completeness.

If you want a workable autocad file, manual tracing is the only method that insures a quality conversion. We convert all types of print to cad files, whatever the size or original type of file, including jpg to cad, tiff to cad, pdf to cad, large paper sizes to cad, blueprints to cad and on and on.

The steps are very simple:

  1. You email us the drawings in tiff or pdf format (info@deluxe3d.com) or upload your drawings to our ftp site if the files are too big.
  2. Indicate total number of drawings and schedule.
  3. We will send you a proposal within 24 hours with schedule of delivery.
  4. If you agree, fax back the signed proposal and pay 50% of the total cost as a deposit.
  5. We will start normal delivery as per agreed schedule.
  6. Invoice will send to client once the project is done. Client pay the remaining balance.


Typical Price


(8.5x11 inch)



(11x17 inch)


(18x24 inch)


(24x36 inch)

Low Density


Medium Density


High Density


We have a standard turn around time of 3-5 days for cad conversion orders of 1-10 sheets. All quotes are on project basis taking average drawing density for the project. For large orders, we can offer certain bulk discounts. There is no extra charge for rush jobs.

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Fax: 888-775-8576